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Who is the CEO of Twitter?

Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American software engineer and the chief executive of Twitter, Inc. He has been the CEO of the company since 2007. He has also been an investor in the social networking platform. If you’re interested in learning about Twitter’s founder, you’ll want to read this article. Here’s a quick introduction to Agrawal. Read on to learn about his background and current job title.

As Twitter’s chief executive, Agrawal has been tasked with aggressive growth. He announced earlier this year that the company aims to double its revenue by 2023 and increase its monetization to 315 million per day. He’s also married to Vineeta Agarwala, who is a general partner at venture capital firm a16z. As the CEO of Twitter, Agrawal has a diverse background that spans many industries and has extensive experience in business.

Twitter’s new board of directors includes a new chairman and CEO. The current board of directors is expected to be eliminated when Musk decides to take the company private. Current directors include Robert Zoellick, who declined to stand for a second term news247 com. Patrick Pichette, a former finance chief at Google, is also a member of the board. While Twitter’s new CEO is expected to make many changes to the company, it’s unclear how the new board will look.

Agrawal has worked at Twitter for more than a decade and has served as its chief technology officer. His background has made him an enthusiastic proponent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies worldnewsite. He has been working on various projects related to this field within Twitter, including efforts to let users send tips using cryptocurrencies. In fact, Agrawal recently hired a crypto expert to lead the new blockchain team at Twitter. He oversees the Bluesky project, which aims to build a decentralized social network.

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