What Should I Do If My Husband Filed For Divorce and I Don’t Want It?

What should I do if my husband has filed for divorce? Getting a divorce can be a tough process, especially if you have children. You’ll have to face off against your spouse, who will probably want to keep your children. The best way to combat this is to try to remain calm. Don’t be emotional – the divorce is a business transaction and it’s not your fault that your husband is unhappy.

Regardless of the reason your husband filed for divorce, you must understand that he probably didn’t take much time to prepare. He may not have been thinking about it on the way to work, or had any time to prepare. So, make sure to give him time to process his emotions and come to terms with the idea. Find out why he is resisting the divorce. Then, counter his objections.

If your husband has served you with divorce papers, it’s your responsibility to respond in writing. Generally, you have 20 days to file an Answer. However, you should still get a divorce lawyer to help you with your legal issues. If your husband has less money than you, the court will force him to pay for your lawyer. You’ll have a much better chance of preventing the divorce than if you’re not involved lasenorita.

Before filing for a divorce, make sure you have all the facts in writing and are armed with the right information. Ensure that your petition is verified by a notary public. You can find a notary public at most banks and other locations. There’s a small fee for verification. But make sure you know the facts and don’t forget to include any additional information you might not have thought of.

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