The Best Herb For Steak

When it comes to preparing a steak, the right herb is crucial for the perfect flavor. There are many varieties of herbs and some of them are better suited for certain types of steak. Using the right herb to season your steak will help it come out perfectly, whatever style you are cooking it in. Here are some popular herbs that will enhance your steak. Ensure you choose a mild herb to balance the flavor of the steak.

Basil is a member of the mint family, and is well known for its flavor. Try rubbing a little basil into your steak before grilling it. Fresh basil leaves are better than dried basil leaves, which are typically black and tasteless. Chives are long hollow green stems from the onion family. They impart a savory taste to steak, but are less spicy than thyme. You can use the leaves to garnish your steak or add them to sauces.

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Thyme is a strong and delicate herb that pairs well with both red meat and poultry. Try using both fresh and dried thyme. Thyme is more delicate, and you’ll need to use more of it than rosemary. When using thyme, it is best to add it to your steak in the last few minutes of cooking, as the herb will release its flavor without overcooking it. You can also use rosemary infused oil, which is prepared by adding some chopped rosemary sprigs to a teaspoon of olive oil. Once it has been prepared, you can brush it on your steak to finish cooking it.

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