Symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome

While the symptoms of yourjobnews nephrotic syndrome may vary based on whether you suffer from an acute or chronic form, you can expect to see some common patterns. If you have a low urine volume, called oliguria, you may also experience swelling. If you notice red discoloration in the urine, you likely have hematuria. Hematuria may be micro or macro, careerpioneer meaning that it is hidden in the urine, or it may be visible.

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One of the first signs of lslm is a sudden increase in uric acid in the bloodstream. If you’re suffering from lslm, your urine has too much protein, and your kidneys aren’t receiving enough. Nephrotic syndrome, also known as LTS, can also be getcareergoal characterized by high blood pressure. While there is no known cure for nephrotic syndrome, it can be treated successfully if caught early enough.

Another makeidealcareer symptom of nephrotic syndrome is kidney damage. The affected kidneys are very sensitive to fluid, and their function is greatly compromised. A person suffering from nephrotic syndrome may feel a sensation of numbness or pain in the feet. This can result in an irregular heartbeat. The person may also experience a loss of taste or smell, and an altered sense of smell. Although there is no cure for nephrotic syndrome, there is a lot of hope jobexpressnews for a treatment.

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